Understanding and outbreak mitigation of zoonotic disease in declining biodiversity hotspot in Southeast Asia

Leaders :

Background and Rationale

The current COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates how the zoonotic emergence and spread of a novel virus severely affects health, economic and social systems. The most striking issue was the difficulty to rapidly deploy reliable diagnostic tests to identify the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Future spillover events of similar or different pathogens are a near certainty and could threaten public health beyond the country or region of emergence if not recognized and contained. Reducing the impact of emerging zoonotic infection diseases will depend on better preparedness and developing more effective response strategies and the transmission cycles from reservoirs to intermediate/incidental hosts and detailing the role of environmental factors in spillover events. In addition, without a heightened awareness of the likelihood of zoonotic emergence and the development of diagnostic tests, For example, early cases of HIV/AIDS, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, Nipah virus encephalitis, SARS, and COVID-19 went undetected for weeks, months, or years before pathogen identification. New diagnostic technologies have proven key in decreasing the lags in pathogen identification, but access remains restricted chiefly to high-income countries.To better PRotect from, dEtect and STOp spillover and spread of pathogens we propose PRESTO, a joint multidisciplinary collaboration of experts and researchers from France, Laos and Thailand, based on an ongoing long-term partnership, sharing the common goal of preventing and fighting emerging infectious diseases in the Greater Mekong region. Bringing together the complementary knowledge, experience, and expertise in biodiversity science, bioinformatics, disease ecology, epidemiology; molecular biology, public health, social sciences, and virology

Primary Objectives

- determine characteristic the molecular biology, genetic diversity, spreading of zoonotic virus.

- identify animal reservoirs, both in wildlife and livestock.

- Identify biodiversity rich areas and potentially outbreaks risk areas.

- Identify behavior risks of exposure.

- develop detection tests both in animals and humans.

- develop community surveillance to prepare for future outbreaks.

Study period:

Since July 2022 - Now

IJL PRESTO 1stsymposium at The Empress Hotel

On 22nd - 24th May 2023 we attended a symposium at The Empress Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand in the topic "Collaborative Strategy for One Health Projects Building"

Brainstorm Meeting At Green Lake Resort

On 14th March 2023 we attended a brainstorm meeting at Green Lake Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand in the topic "What research to conduct to prevent and prepare for future outbreaks/pandemics?"

PRESTO brainstorm meeting documents

No Speakers Files Date
1 Serge Morand PREZODE_oppotunity_Serge Morand 14/03/2023
2 Kittipong Chaisiri Saenthong_Experience_Kiitipong Chaisiri 14/03/2023
3 Chuanphot Thinphovong Saenthong_Experience_Chuanphot Thinphovong 14/03/2023
4 Woottichai Khamduang IJL_PRESTO_Woottichai Khamduang 14/03/2023
5 Premmarin Inmonthian THOHUN_project_Premmarin Inmonthian 14/03/2023

IJL PRESTO symposium documents

No Speakers Files Date
1 Eric Deharo IRD introduction PRESTO_Eric Deharo 22/06/2023
2 Woottichai Khamduang IJL PRESTO kick-off_Woottichai Khamduang 22/06/2023
3 Nicole Ngo-Giang-Huong Feedback of March Meeting_Nicole Ngo-Giang-Huong 22/06/2023
4 Vanina Guernier PREZODE funding oppportunities_Vanina Guernier 22/06/2023
5 Elizabeth Elliott Anthropology and One Health_Elizabeth Elliott 23/06/2023
6 Santi Kongmany Soil and water Health_Santi Kongmany 23/06/2023
7 Boonsoong Thansrithong Asia Impact Center ECHO_Boonsoong Thansrithong 23/06/2023
8 Melody Bomon The role of wildlife rescue centers in One-Health_Melody Bomon 23/06/2023
9 Jacqui Esteban Free The Bears approach of One-Health in captive wildlife_Jacqui Esteban 23/06/2023
10 Pornsawan Pongsopawijit Center of Elephant and Wildlife Health CMU_Pornsawan Pongsopawijit 23/06/2023
11 Kobporn Boonnak FEVER FROM THE FOREST_Kobporn Boonnak 23/06/2023
12 Khammavong Kongsy Wildlife Health Surveillance Network in Lao PDR_Khammavong Kongsy 23/06/2023
13 Anucha Sirimalaisuwan Faculty of Veterinary Medicine_Anucha Sirimalaisuwan 23/06/2023
14 Sayamon Hongjaisee/Nang Kham Kjing Research Institute for Health Sciences_Sayamon Hongjaisee/Nang Kham Kjing 23/06/2023
15 Sysay Palamy The Faculty of Pharmacy_Sysay Palamy 23/06/2023
16 Nay Thiha Fondation Mérieux in SEA_Nay Thiha 23/06/2023

Brainstorm meeting
"What research to conduct to prevent and prepare for future outbreaks/pandemics?"

@Green Lake Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand 14th March 2023

IJL PRESTO 1st symposium

"Collaborative Strategy for One Health Projects Building"

The Empress Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand

22nd - 24th May 2023

On 22nd - 24th May 2023, Faculty of Associated Medical Science, Chaing Mai University with Institut de Researche pour le Developpement, IRD were organized the 1st IJL PRESTO symposium in the topic "Collaborative Strategy for One Health Projects Building" at The Empress Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Honored by Professor Dr. Sakorn Pornprasert, Dean of the Faculty of Associated Medical Science, Chaing Mai University and Dr.Eric Deharo, IRD representative from Laos PDR as chairman. Dr. Nicole Ngo-Giang-Huong (IRD), Dr. Sabrina Locatelli(IRD), Asst. Prof. Woottichai Khamduang(Faculty of Associated Medical Science, Chaing Mai University) as coordinators. This international symposium was the presenation, brainstorming and exchange experiences from multidisciplinary to identify overall problems and create a research(es) that prepare and provide future outbreak disease effectively.

PRESTO(PRotect-DEtect-sTOp) is the international multidisciplinary researchers coordination such as Thailand(Chaing Mai University, Mahidol University, Kasetsart University Laos PDR(ECHO Asia Impact Center, Faculty of Pharmacy(University of Health Sciences), Center of Excellence in Environment(National University of Laos)) and France(IRD and Fondation Merieux). IJL PRESTO are aiming to understand about infection, pathogenesis, epidemiology and prevention of zoonosis disease including environment. In the concept of One-Health that recognizes the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health. IJL PRESTO were founded in 2023 with support from IRD.

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